This shortstoryteller, when he finds scoops of stories waiting to be told, holds a cybercourt and tells stories to the assembly. He hopped, jumped and travelled through vast continents, countries, towns and villages gathering stories for you. Stories (some 'dreaming stories') illustrating many aspects of life are the main dishes, served here. Anecdotes, poems, pictures, photos, humor, news clippings, and anything of topical interest are the side dishes. 

  Veeraswamy Krishnaraj  Copyright


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Short Stories Kali

Elephant story

Doctor: Dog nose

Celestial Cow & Krishna

Woman with 4 serial husbands

Groom and his welts


Perennial loser

Temple: Rise and Fall


Soldiers throw biscuits to children

Monkey bites boy

Ever suffering wife

Intercaste wedding

Exploits of wardog

Itinerant man of peace 

King and cow

Lecherous king

3 socilalites

Brothers of different mold

Girl upstages Sankara

Thick Friends

Petty thefts by a king


Boy befriends python

Queen with many lovers

Sage king

Search of lost diamonds

Itinerant Bangle seller

Friendly cat

Sankara's loss in debate






























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